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Individual textile production of your desired textile with ARSONISTS

Customized textile production

In addition to all finishing techniques and print types, we are also happy to support you in a completely individual textile production. We accompany you from the first sampling as a 3D rendering, through an original sample to the mass production of your desired textile. Together with you, we agree on the production according to your needs and plan it in one of our countless production facilities, which are located worldwide. Textile productions are quite extensive in the elaboration and it is recommended to target such a production but an edition of 300 - 500 pieces.

Textile production process

At the beginning of each textile production, we work together on your ideas based on a concept for the implementation of textile production. With all the collected information, we select the appropriate textile manufacturer in order to be able to implement your textiles optimally technically. In the next step, if necessary, we create a 3D rendering that shows the cut of the article and at the same time provides a digital pattern that can be passed directly to the production facility without gaps. We then create a prototype which is used to approve the quality and cut. When all the requirements of the textile are met, we trigger the production. Depending on the number of pieces to be produced in a textile production and the chosen textile factory, you can expect delivery times of 2-3 months for a textile production.


Send us your request with all the information.
Edition + Textile type + Design + Delivery time


Together we will gather all the necessary information and plan possible implementations of your project.


After we have defined all the key data, we will send you a cost overview.


Depending on your wishes, we will prepare a 3D rendering in advance and a sample for print approval afterwards.


Give us print approval for the sample or coordinate changes with us before production.


After the printing approval, we plan the mass production and schedule the logistic handling after completion.

Decades of know-how combined with state-of-the-art technology

We work out a planned production with you in the team and our textile designers on the highest technical standard. We use 3D renderings that can be directly used as patterns in the production. Product management is immensely important and we match colors according to all common color systems and gladly choose the right material with or without function. If it is your goal to produce a complete development of products in quality for your company, we can support you with our know how. So we develop the right prototype in the perfect fit and matched to the design. There are a lot of approaches to the solution of functionalities and how materials are connected that we want to fully exploit as a production partner.

Locations of our textile productions

Over decades we have built up a network with textile production all over the world. In cooperation with you, we select the most suitable of our partners to meet your requirements. Whether overseas, Portugal, Turkey or Made in Germany we will find together the right production country to meet your request and deliver the right goods.

Choice of textiles and products is unlimited

The choice of textiles in production is unlimited, because we can implement almost any textile. Not only products such as T-shirts, hoodies, backpacks, caps, and accessories are conceivable, we also accompany you with a completely new idea to be implemented according to your ideas. Exactly according to your ideas we advise you with years of experience with work of special textiles, materials and functionalities. All tailored in fair working conditions and environmentally friendly.

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    Completely Made in Germany - TEXTILE PRODUCTION in Germany

    We also offer productions of textiles completely made in Germany. Because clothing is not just clothing. Under fair working conditions, we can guarantee you a high-priced textile on the highest production and quality standard and protect the environment with short logistical routes. Here we pay particular attention to fair wages within Germany and to exact implementation of textile production. A perfect solution for those who value the highest quality standard of their textiles in handwork.

    Production of a complete collection

    According to the customer's wishes, we can also design a complete collection from the design to the textile itself. Thereby we work out your wish of design in our manufactory and help to realize a fashion line. We help you to find the right fabric and partner to deliver the raw materials and coordinate samples here. In this way we are able to push the best textile production from the very beginning of the order. Our mission is not only to meet budgets but also to produce as sustainable as possible. We also help you in the follow-up to place your brand on the market up to the implementation of your own website webshop system with newsletter to address your customers directly.


    We answer the most frequently asked questions about textile production.

    How long are the delivery times for a textile production ?

    Delivery times depend on several factors. As a rule, it can be said that from the release of the sample textiles are delivered within about 2 months. Here it depends on how exactly the supply chains can be maintained by current shipping volume on the world market. In addition, the production run also plays a role. If more pieces are ordered, of course, must be planned more precisely in time.

    What are the working conditions like in your production facilities?

    We pay very strong attention to fair working conditions, whether overseas or here directly in Germany we guarantee fair wages and working conditions, because we are convinced that only fairly regulated work processes guarantee quality in a production.

    What is the process of textile production ?

    We work together on your ideas for your desired products and support you with years of experience in what is important in a production of clothing or accessories.

    What quantities do I need to have produced ?

    It is recommended to aim at productions from 300 - 500 pieces. Small series are quite expensive next to it.

    Are small series feasible ?

    Small series are feasible but of course with the extensive production process also quite expensive. We can make you in cooperation but also a small production if it should be something special. Conceivable would be a small series implemented directly in Germany, because the short supply chains save here budget and especially time.

    I have a question about a production ?

    Feel free to contact our customer service and we will give you a first advice and information about the key data of the possible convertible products. Or send an inquiry directly via our website if you have already collected specifications.

    Do you offer products in the field of corporate fashion

    Sure, we will gladly work out a production for your company and your team. You can get everything from a single source even up to the business equipment from us.

    What kind of textiles can I have produced ?

    In a textile production are no limits, we offer you solutions to all topics in the field of textiles for the company. We plan with you a fashion production or a project for your customer. We accompany your order from the consultation to the development and production of your products. We can select all materials in all colors for any application area and find the right product or clothing.

    What is the cost of textile production ?

    It depends mainly on the type of products, the chosen materials, the design, the number of pieces and the chosen production facility as a partner. In the development we pay attention already during the realization of the design to keep prices as minimal as possible. We give you in the consultation solution approaches to be able to keep budgets and minimize costs.

    Textiles Made in Germany ?

    We have not only worldwide production facilities but also various in Germany. Depending on the customer's request, we put together a production according to your requirements and go on a joint mission.

    Is the development of new products possible ?

    Of course, we can also work out completely new products technically in cooperation with your company.

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