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In addition to direct screen printing, transfer printing is often used. This is a nice way to finish textiles that are difficult to print. There are different types such as flexographic printing, flock printing, plastisol transfer printing or sublimation printing.

Flex and flock printing

The flex print is another possibility to finish your textile already in small quantities. In addition, flex printing is used especially for difficult to print polyester textiles such as rain jackets or coach jackets. This type of printing has beautiful colours and perfect coverage where it is difficult to achieve vibrant colours with screen printing. As an alternative to screen printing, flex printing uses heat to press special foils onto the textile. There are various foils and special effect foils that would not be possible with direct printing. Please note that only vectorized shapes can be plotted. Beside the flex foil a transfer print can be ironed on. This is initially printed and provided with an adhesive layer. Then it is pressed directly onto the textile under heat as with flex printing.

Screen printing and digital plastisol transfer

In addition to regular screen printing, we also create tansfer prints. These are characterized by clear lines and beautiful color reproduction. In transfer printing, the motif to be printed is printed mirror-inverted on a film and provided with an adhesive layer that melts under heat. The resulting plastisol transfers are heat pressed onto the corresponding textile with the help of a transfer press. A distinction is made between screen printing transfers and digital transfer printing. For multi-coloured motifs, a digital plastisol transfer is used, in which the colour is applied digitally and a carrier layer is printed in a further step using screen printing. Plastisol transfers are used on textiles that are difficult to print directly, but also for size labelling of shirts or in the form of name labelling. We are happy to advise you where this printing technique makes sense for you.

Examples of screen printing plastisol transfers

Multicolor screenprint plastisol transfer refined on a Stanley Stella longsleeve shirt

We have finished this polyester tank top with a two color screen print plastisol transfer. Beautiful results even with a perforated textile.

Heat pressed plastisol transfer over side seam and screen printed front and back of a Stanley Stella shirt.

This multicolor plastisol transfer was also screen printed and has a nice luminosity and clean edges on the cotton shirt.

Transfer printing as a possibility to print over seams and on the collar

Examples of special effect films

Black hologram foil

Special reflective black flex foil refined on Fairtrade Hoodies. Depending on the incidence of light, the foil reflects in the complete spectrum.

When the finished textile is viewed from the centre, the flex foil appears matt black.

Rainbow Hologram Foil

With this special effect foil a Fairtrade shirt from Stanley Stella was refined by flex print.

Glitter effect foil

A glitter foil specially reflects in the light and shines metallic.

Flex print examples

Flex print perfectly applied over the seam of a hoody.

In the neck attached flex transfer tone on tone.

Flex print heat pressed onto a backpack

Digital plastisol transfers ideal for multi-coloured motifs

Digital plastisol transfer is the ideal option for multicoloured motifs or photo prints in runs of around 50 or more. The transfer is digitally pre-printed in many colours and then backed with screen printing. This combination allows for best results when transferring the print and extreme wash resistance.

Digital plastisol transfer completed and ready to transfer

Finished transfer on a Fairtrade textile

Heat Transfer Digital Plastisol Transfer during peel-off

Examples of digital plastisol transfers

Digital plastisol transfer with large color spectrum refined on hoodies.

Multicolor digital plastisol transfer with screen print combination printed on a Continental Clothing hoodie.

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