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We are an experienced, creative office that assists well-known clients with all the realizations of their ideas. Our team consists of studied graphic designers, screen printers, photographers and marketing experts. With a high level of expertise, we help the client not only in the implementation of textile screen printing projects but also in graphic implementations up to branding, online marketing and visual implementation. Thus we are able to support the customer with a holistic concept from start to finish. For this reason we are looking for a representative space in which we can combine all our strengths. The vision is to create a presentation and sales area in addition to work space, in order to deliver a holistic customer experience on site.

Günter Goetzer

Managing Director / Graphic Designer / Illustrator / Screen Printer

Günter Götzer is the founder and head behind the Arsonists. After graduating in communication design from the University of Applied Sciences in Munich, he went straight into business for himself and founded a graphic design studio with in-house screen printing. Design is his passion and his drive to keep expanding the boundaries of his horizon. instagram

Timo Woodpecker

Timo Woodpecker

SEO Optimization / Coaching / Online Marketing

With his business studies he laid the foundation for his later work. Through his many years of experience as an online marketing manager, he has sharpened his expertise in search engine optimization - SEO daily and knows what it takes to place your site at number 1 in the search engine. instagram

Stefan Escherich

Industrial design / screen printing

To give his creativity a platform, Stefan decided to study industrial design, which he completed at the end of 2019. As a strong member in the screen printing workshop, he is responsible for and implements the various prints with the highest precision. The satisfaction of the customers speaks for itself.


Florian Rainer

Design / Textile printing / Embroidery

Flo started with an apprenticeship as a graphic designer for winter sports products in Austria and studied design together with Günter in Munich. They combined forces and he joined "THE ARSONISTS". Corporate design, editorial design, product design, typography & orientation systems are Flo's keywords. instagram

Dilan Wagner

Marketing / PR / Social Media / Brand Marketing

Dilan laid a foundation through her commercial education in 2008 and followed it up with a specialist degree in marketing and communication. Since then she has worked in various agencies and companies. Since 2019 she has been working freelance and is now using her expertise to strengthen and sharpen your business. instagram

Katja Münch

Photography / Food / Lifestyles

Katja, who hails from Lower Bavaria, followed her passion and made it her vocation. She studied design with a focus on photography and successfully graduated with a bachelor's degree in 2013 with the work "Urbanisation vs. Nature". Since 2014 she has been working as a freelance photographer. instagram

Talk is cheap! - our concept in the screen printing shop

We guide you through the complete production of your desired textile from A-Z. With over 10 years of experience, we help you choose the right textile and the most productive printing process for your order. In addition to our many years of experience in screen printing and digital printing, we also offer you full support on the graphic side. We are happy to help you with the creation of your complete design or adaptation and optimization of the print data to ensure the best quality. Even after the graphic implementation and production of your textiles we close the frame if necessary with product photography or photography on location as well as your perfect web presence.


Our handmade prints on your textile, tell a longer story than you think.

A short excursion: From communication design studies to self-study in screen printing over more than a decade. It all began in 2011, when I decided to set up my own print shop.

Under the name "The Carousel" we print individual premium screenprints in our self-built print shop in Passau's neighborhood Hauzenberg. The carousel ride gets faster - the customer base gets bigger.

2015 - we start in the heart of Munich, directly at Stiglmaierplatz. From the initial screen printing we develop over time and with growing experience. From then on, we expand our range with digital printing, flex printing and professional in house embroidery.

Today - Not only the order situation increases, but also our strong team: With Flo, Timo, Katja more competences gather in a creative space. Together we support our customers next to print & embroidery with individual web design, online marketing and photo & video creation in our own studio.