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Products - Overview of references & print samples | ARSONISTS

Selected printing and production examples of various textiles

Here you can find a detailed overview of print samples and produced products.

Direct screen print on shirt

6 colour screen print on high quality fairtrade textiles by Stanley Stella.

Screen print transfer on hoodie

Fairtrade hoodie finished in screenprint transfer. Fine screening brings out all the details in the two-tone print. Additional finishing on both sleeves and the front.

Digital plastisol transfer on hoodie

For this project we have heat pressed a digital print transfer backed with screen printing. The print is characterized by brilliant colors.

Silkscreen Shirts

4 colour screen printed on an organic black fairtrade shirt by Stanley Stella on the front.

Silkscreen Shirts

Two-colour screenprint with plastisol ink printed on a dark Fairtrade shirt from Stanley Stella on front and back. Inside we have printed an individual size and washing information by plastisol transfer.

Plastisol transfer on hoodie

Here, a two-colour screen printing plastisol transfer was heat pressed onto a hoodie. In this way, a very finely screened gradient motif could be implemented in sharp focus.

pocket shirt

We have printed here in digital printing on fabric. This was sewn in our sewing room on a high quality Fairtrade shirt from Stanley Stella. On the back we have finished with a screen print.

Embroidered Dad Hat

Here we have provided a cap with a very fine embroidery. In the embroidery, of course, it is also possible to get fine details and work out beautifully. On the inside we have worked with a plastisol transfer.

Bleached sweater

This sweatshirt was bleached by hand and further refined. On the front we have worked with a screen printing. The sleeve prints by screen printing plastisol transfers. The size impression was also solved with a plastisol transfer.

Flex print on Fairtrade shirts

This Fairtrade shirt on GOTS basis we have finished with a special effect flex film. Sharp edges and good wash resistance characterize the flex print here.

T Shirt, Tshirt

On this shirt we have with special Discharge screen printing ink, the color of the textile withdrawn and with a second tone colored gradations achieved by pigment addition. With this special process you feel no paint application and you have a great feel.

Screen printing + plastisol transfer

Two-colour screenprint on the back of this vegan fairtrade sweatshirt with a combination of a screenprint plastisol transfer on the sleeves.

Beanie, Cap

Some examples of beanies with printed canvas patches and screen printed leather patches. These were carefully sewn onto the beanies by hand with visible stitching.

Hoody, hooded sweater

The hoodie was finished with a 4 color screen print on the back and 2 color screen print on the chest. Fine details and rich colors also work on a coarser textile like a hoodie.

Tank top, sleeveless shirt

This tank top was hand-batiked by us. In this process we have worked in two stages the color pigments in the shirt. It was provided with a screen printing. Inside the shirt we have a neck print by screen printing transfers pressed in.

Coach Jacket, Coach Jacket

With flex print two-tone ironed Coach jacket. Here was personalized on the front by name.

Flannel shirt, shirt, check shirt

Here we have printed the pocket of the check shirt with black plastisol color. Near the hem a thick, coarse canvas patch with visible seam was sewn. The patch is 40 x 40 mm and was also screen printed.

jute bag, jute bag, shopper

In this print we printed a rust coloured jute bag with iris printing, a special type of screen printing. A similar print motif was also printed with finest 1pt lines on hand bleached t-shirts.

Web & Embroidery Patches

Various examples of woven and embroidered patches. Woven labels and embroidery patches are perfect for small applications and for finishing caps and beanies.

sweatshirt, sweater

Here, the front, back and sleeves were refined with iris printing. This special method of screen printing ensures clean gradients here. Rich colors and perfect wash resistance characterize the textile.

Digital Print Tshirt

For this shirt we have used screen printing. Printed in two colors with plastisol ink on fair trade shirts. In addition, the textile was provided with size imprint.

Snapback, Cap

Various examples of snapbacks with hand sewn faux leather patches, screen printed or simple and 3D embroidery.

Basketball Shirt, Basketball Dress, Jersey

In this basketball jersey we have a flex print frontal ironed. This ensures a consistent color clarity and sharp shapes. At the waistband, a velvet-like fabric screen was printed and sewn on the jersey.

Pencil Case

These small storage bags have been finished with a delicate digital print. The recycled Fairtrade material provides a solid printing base. In addition, we have sewn an engraved brass plate.

sweatshirt, sweater

Here, the front, back and sleeves were refined with iris printing. This special method of screen printing ensures clean gradients here. Rich colors and perfect wash resistance characterize the textile.

Parka, Jacket

The yellow parka reminiscent of a classic oil coat was produced in Germany and provided with the finest organic fabrics from Turkey. This was carefully manufactured with appropriately created cut sorter under fair conditions.